Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Nuttiness of Social Media

Is it me or did social media just take another step into the insane asylum? Nobody knows what is going on really anymore. In the world of selling anything your game plan is to network network network. The problem is with the interconnected world now is you could be marketing condoms to your mother in law and never know it. I have seen pictures I have taken of my dog end up on the internet. How I have no idea. But with the next generation of uber connectedness and everyone from Google to Facebook trying to out media each other we are the guienna pigs.

I mean you take selling books which is a full time job and requires enormous amounts of energy savvy and just plain luck. You post something and you tweet it and your facebook it and you google plus it and you are pretty much done. What is weird is your own phone goes off and lets you know you just posted something to your site. So now you are marketing to yourself. Forget privacy issues. What is privacy anymore anyway? I mean I appreciate the NSA is monitoring us though data mining but I would just tell them, save your money with your Prism computer and go on Facebook...everything you want to know is right there.

Add Amazon to the mix and now you have a perfect storm. Everyone is trying to figure out what will really drive book sales and the authors are in the middle posting, blogging, tweeting, skyping, surfing, writing, harassing, networking...basically going crazy. Dare to turn off your computer and go back to the stone age. Or worse yet risk eating beans.

So here is to the nut house of social media. Truly the inmates are running the asylum.
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