Thursday, September 26, 2013

The New Author Tour At Home

Once upon a time you did the bookstores and radio stations and television and drove a lot of miles or flew and this was how you pushed your book. Now you never leave your home. You are still touring and it is as grueling as the old stay in motels and eat crappy food grind. Now you sit down in front of your computer and hack it out with blog tours or book blasts or hanging around social media sites. You still do interviews but of course you are on the phone and you do your radio in your bathrobe and slippers.

And that is it. That is the big tour. Apologies to the authors who are still touring but for the most part authors don't tour. They tweet. They Skype. They blog. They twitter. They retweet. They network. They work like hell and never leave their house. It is all really strange and being on the road seems like heaven compared to this online beating your head against the wall. Because nothing really comes back except maybe a tick in the Amazon numbers. Maybe not.

But that is the way it is now. The big author tour behind the screen. And you can hear the crickets as you scream from the rooftops about your book with a million other authors screaming from the rooftops. That is another thing. You never ran into other authors on your tour. I ran into a Governor once at a radio station but that was about it. Now it is like five o'clock traffic every day. A gridlock of online authors.

But that is the new world. Lump it or leave it. Or just don't turn on your computer.
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