Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Schizophrenic Author

Used to be if you had five books out you thought you were prolific. But the digital age changed that like everything else. Production times have dropped and literally you can put out a book every season. If you self publish then you can put an ebook out every week if not every few days. Sounds crazy but this is what a lot of people are doing. I ran into a woman who said she had "just fourteen books out." Just fourteen. Another person published one hundred books in a year.

So where do you go with all that? You can say that is not my world and I will take my time and truly this is the way to look at it. But there is that ebook world out there that must be fed. I have two of three books going right now and I am waiting to see which way the wind blows to complete them. Maybe it is wrong to do it that way but dropping years on a book now seems a little foolish if not antiquated.

Each of my books took years and years and yes I am faster but I will never hit the hyper speed  of a book a week. Not that I would want too but you do sit there in amazement as Amazon logic favors the many published author over the few. So there are a lot of starts and stops now. Three chapters of this or three chapters of that. It is the digital age and attention spans are shrinking. Even authors can make up their mind.

Between promotion and writing it is amazing more authors just don't lose it completely. I am sure a lot have already.
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