Friday, September 13, 2013

Writing that Next Fifty Shades of Gray

Now writing erotica is no easy thing. And some would say FSG is not really erotica but a novel with a steamy middle. No mind. The trilogy literally drove the sales for the publishers and now everyone is trying to come up with the next one. Analogous to the Harry Potter phenom that literally lifted up YA to the rooftops. And so now we have erotica and lots of it and the covers are lots of people with their clothes mostly off.

Now I thought about erotica but I think you really have to have that in your personality. A lot of erotica is written by women. In fact most of it. So the writer of the Next Fifty Shades of Gray probably will be a woman. Something about a man trying to pull this off doesn't seem that appealing. Fifty shades of black or something. And maybe it is because men don't read much erotica that they don't write it. And so that lets me out the door.

But you know you really wonder if there is a way you could sneak in there with just some kind of erotica. Maybe just one steamy passage or two that would get the book moving and then the reader could return to the careful art of reading serious fiction. Or not.

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