Sunday, November 17, 2013

Giving it Away Again or...FREE

I will be doing it again. Mica Highways my third novel (Southern Mystery) is the story of an African American  man and a woman in 1968 who are murdered for having a relationship and will go on FREE kindle download November 19-23. This novel is the follow up book to Tobacco Sticks that was on free download before and while I understand the logic behind these giveaways they are hard to get used too. Why in the world would you give something away to sell more?

But that is the new marketing. Read it to sell it and of course this is only possible with the ebook because a publisher would go broke doing this with a real book. But of course the big publishers do give them away. They give away a thousand copies and more to create buzz for their lead titles. For their smaller titles maybe twenty ARCS (advanced reader copies) And these publishers knew then that if they flood the booksellers with comp copies the booksellers  will read it and recommend the book.

Now take the new modality. You allow people to download as much as they want of a book for a restricted time period say five days. On Tobacco Sticks 31,000 people downloaded the book. Staggering. That many people got the book for free. Is there anyone left who will pay to download the book? Maybe.

But that is what is now. Free to sell. Crazy world we live in.
Mica Highways

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