Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Building Anxiety of Breaking Bad

Can't sleep. Tossing and turning. Or better yet waking up after an hour of sleep and not knowing where I am or who is next to me. Freaky. Then tossing and turning again and not sleeping. Too much coffee. Too much sugar. Maybe. Or is that show that has me up all night and I am now in the fifth season and when I go to bed I am  wound up tight like a spring about to pop...could it be the building anxiety of  Breaking Bad.

I had been warned. Don't watch it before you go to bed. Pshaw. I can handle it. I have watched worse. But no there is something bothering me now. The moon night.  The blue glow outside where the wheel barrel sits in the yard. Did I leave it there? What about the step ladder still on the front porch from Halloween. What about the back door...did I lock it.

The dog jumps up and barks by the window. I  jump out of the bed and stare out the window. Wired. Too much. Too much. And I am only season five. Something has to give. This watching before bed is making me strange. Back under the covers and watching the bright yard. No one is there. But there is that shadow....I have really got to stop this.
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