Monday, December 2, 2013

I Sent A Copy of The Pitcher To The President...

And got a letter back. It happened like this. A friend of mine who had been part of a literary benefit for The White House said I should sent a copy of the book to the then social secretary and that she would give it to the President. I forgot all about it after I sent it. You do these things when pushing a book. Crazy shots that have the odds of the lottery against them. Sometimes they work and most of the time there is no way they will ever work.

Anyway I received a letter from the President saying thanks very much for the book. Although he didn't cite the title I figured he was busy. Then I studied his signature. It looked real. I mean would they really have a machine that can duplicate a signature complete with ink imperfections? No way. I was convinced this letter had come from the President and set about getting a frame. I mean you don't get a letter from the President every day.

So I framed it and put it on my dresser and every day there was a  letter from my pal the President. And then my daughter sent off a letter telling the President to basically have a good day. She is nine. And sure enough about three weeks later she got her letter. And I thought wow this guy is amazingly responsive as I opened her letter and read my letter. Huh! ....guess they do have a machine that can duplicate a signature.

 I gave her my frame.
The Pitcher

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