Monday, November 10, 2014

Even U2 Can't Escape

Bono and the boys loaded the IPhone6 with their latest album and everyone  yawned. Worse they were annoyed. When I asked my Composition class at an upscale Liberal Arts College when was the last time someone paid for their one raised their hand. And then I asked when was the last time someone went to a concert. No one raised their hand. And then I asked how they got their music. Spotify. Pandora.

And there is Bono now looking sheepish because the last big rock band tried to give away their music and nobody really wanted it. Because the model changed. And U2 which has been more about marketing than anything else for the last ten years decided what worked before would work again. The first IPOD was a U2 dream. Remember Bono on stage with Steven Jobs?

In striving to remain relevant and cutting edge U2 has become what they are now. A big act trying to stay a big act. ACT being the operative word. The truth is besides the nostalgia bands the days of the BIG ACT are over. It is now the time of the many small acts that are personal choices. Media Meagopolys are really over because of nothing more than choice.

And so U2 will have to get used to being part of the many now getting streamed. Even the IPhone can't save them this time.

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