Thursday, March 3, 2011

Advocacy Advertising and the Writer

Got approached the other day for someone to advertise on It was a gaming site and they wanted to embed their link in some of my verbiage about the attic. I thought ok. Let's see. So basically the way they had it I would be rambling on about the attic and then suddenly veer and go and oh by the way here is a great poker site at www blah blah. And then I returned to my discourse about the attic. I considered it. I mean they were going to plunk money in my paypal account and times being what they are...

But then I started to think. Now wait a minute. People come to the site looking for a writer and they find a POKER SITE. And the way the verbiage read it seemed like I was way into online gaming sites. So I emailed back and said that I really couldn't go for that. They emailed back and said would I consider a banner add. I emailed back and said what kind of banner add and they said that it would have to be a large one and I said no. They emailed back and said lots of people do ADVOCACY ADVERTISING. I emailed back and said I couldn't and that was it.

So has no ads and if you are looking for an online gaming site then you have come to the wrong place. But I can tell you about writing, novels, and Hemingway's attic. After that, you are on your own.
Rocket Man is blasting off on April 26th

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