Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A-Rods Worst Night in Chicago

Well we do live in a class society. If you are at the top then the rules do not apply to you . Take Alex Rodriguez who thumbed his nose at Major League Baseball and played in Cellular Field on Monday night even though technically he was a suspended. And  he is innocent until proven guilty. Ok. But it would seem he sees himself above the rules that the rest of the players have to follow....everyone else accepted their suspensions (13 other players)

And A--Rod was booed. That had to be a new experience for a guy who is used to people telling him how great he is 24-7. It had to be a shock. I mean what he must have thought standing there with a stadium booing him...not his play...but him. They were booing because people disapprove of someone who does not play by the rules. They disapprove of the fixed game. And the fix was in. He would play regardless what baseball said and Americans may admire talent but they hate it when someone cheats. The fact is he gets his sixty million by playing last night and finishing the season. Can anyone say retirement?

And this is cheating. He is cheating by saying he can still play because he wants to play. Doesn't Alex know in that moment he lost all credibility? Midwesterners  hate entitlement. Someone who thinks they are above it all and can do pretty much what they want. We stick our Governors in jail who think that way. We are unforgiving and baseball is pretty sacred

So yeah. A Rod played in Chicago on Monday night and Chicago  let A-Rod  know what they thought about him. Not much.

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