Monday, August 5, 2013

Alex Rodriguez and Baseballs Continuing Black Eye

So we start to wonder. Who wasn't on e performance improving drugs? The latest saga of men taking steroids to beat the competition or stay up with the competition or just because they think it will give them the edge has degenerated into Rodriguez and the Yankees coming to Chicago tonight to play the Sox with Baseball telling Rodriguez he is suspended and him appealing the decision and allowing him to continue playing and Baseball not taking on the Union and the Commissioner not getting involved with an Executive Order. So what do we take away from all this?

The game has been tarnished. Alex Rodriguez has admitted to taking drugs before. The now defunct anti-aging  clinic where he supposedly got a fresh supply of steroids is at the center of the investigation that Baseball says is pretty solid. Rodriguez and his lawyers paint it as a way of the Yankees to dump his 97 million dollar contract. Add to that he he is forty and injured and the Yankees have been telling him to not come back until he is healthy. Rodriguez sees this as more evidence of nefarious intent on the Yankees behalf.

So who or what do we believe? It would seem he did something. It would seem he is trying now to protect his money and reputation (or whats left of it) as best he can. It would seem that he might be going down. But money buys a lot of things. Good lawyers. Public opinion. What Baseball has hoped would go away keeps popping up and tarnishing the National Pastime. It is a black eye for a sport where people leave their troubles at the door and enjoy a few hours of a game that brings back memories of being a kid and the pastoral good times of summer.

I am sure Rodriguez would kill for a few hours of that about now.

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